Alternate Offers

If you received an offer of admission to a U of T Mississauga program to which you did not apply, here's why.

We carefully considered all applications. Students who did not meet the requirements for their original program choice, but still had a good average, were offered admission to an alternate program that reflected their academic strengths.

If you have received an alternate offer, and have accepted it, congratulations!. We encourage you to register for a New Student Advising Session and visit the “Newly- Admitted Students” webpage.

If you received an alternate offer and have not yet decided what to do, you may wish to accept that offer by the indicated deadline, and then do the following:

1. Complete the New Student Advising Program to learn how to choose and enroll in courses to meet your academic and career goals.

2. If your final grades increase, bring in your grade report to us as soon as you receive it in June and we will re-consider you for your original program choice.

Special Note for Students Admitted to Commerce and Management 

Our Management department has detailed information about these programs on their website.

For information on Commerce, click here for details.

For information on Management, click here for details.