ANT430H5S - Special Problems in Biological Anthropology and Archaeology (SCI)

Meanwhile, In Japan: How Society Uses the Past

Japan has all that is cute, cool, and confusing to North Americans, but it also has a past extending over 30,000 years. This past can be powerful and profitable, especially in a nation where prehistory and history are combined to make the story of a unified people. Archaeology and historical studies in Japan are not simply academic pursuits for select researchers, or sources of political ammunition; they are also heavily incorporated into popular culture, local livelihoods, tourism, and a sense of national identity. In this course, you will explore the complex interaction between now and then by examining how the past is produced, mobilized, and consumed in Japanese society.  In the process, you will become familiar with major prehistoric and historic periods from the long span of human occupation in the Japanese Islands.

1.0 credits in 300 level anthropology courses and departmental approval.