Undergraduate Awards

Snil “Sunny” Sahanan Memorial Scholarship

Visit the Snil “Sunny” Sahanan Memorial Scholarship page for eligibility, criteria and application form.

Undergraduate Student Experience Fund

The Undergraduate Student Experience Fund may provide funding to UTM Anthropology undergraduate students for approved expenses relating to:

  • student participation in local conferences to present research findings
  • individual student attendance at career / professional development conferences
  • student participation in a field school

Apply online using the Undergraduate Student Education & Experience Funding Request Form.  On the form, select "Undergraduate Student Experience Fund" as the grant type, and select a Student Experience Activity Type (conference or field school).

Field School Funding

Visit our Field School Funding page for opportunities regarding student participation in field schools.

Other Funding Opportunities (non-UTM)

Archaeology Division of the American Anthropological Association Student Membership Award and Student Diversity Travel Grant

Outstanding Program Performance Award Winners for UTM Anthropology

2018: Sara Lopez

2017: Kayleigh Jalsevac and Donna Winter

2016: Sebastian Burghardt

2015: Alexandra Cecelia Johansen

2014: Rhonda Dona Casey Norto

2013: Matthew Resendes Medeiros

2012: Victoria Catherine Jackson