Syrian Refugee Pathways

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau welcomes Syrian refugees to Canada at the Toronto Pearson International AirportThe University of Toronto Mississauga Refugee Pathway (UTMRP) offers recent refugees who do not meet traditional admission requirements for UTM or do not have access to required documents, the opportunity for successful direct admission to university level studies.

We understand that many refugees are coming to Canada with unique situations and different levels of education. Some students:

  1. have not completed high school but are ready to attend a local high school;
  2. have completed high school and are now ready to enter university level studies;
  3. have started degree studies in their home country and are now needing to transfer;
  4. have completed degrees and are looking how to transfer the credentials or continue on with a graduate/professional level of studies.

No matter the situation we can work with students to help them determine the best pathway for them.

UTM Refugee Pathway Information

Photo credit: Prime Minister of Canada website, Creative Commons