Fees and Financial Aid

Tuition Fees and other costs

The cost of the part-time UTM Bridging Pathway in 2016/2017 was approximately CAD$1315-$2595 depending on the number of courses enrolled. Tuition is expected to rise by a small percentage for this coming session. This amount includes both the tuition cost for the course(s) and the compulsory incidental fees which includes resources and services available to U of T students. Students should also budget approximately $100-150 for books and supplies for each course. Consideration towards additional costs related to transportation and childcare needs should also be taken. Fees will be posted to the Student Web Service upon enrolling in the course(s). Fees are due mid-August.

Financial Aid

Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)
OSAP is a needs-based Ontario government student loan and grant program. Students in the UTM Bridging Pathway may apply for Part-Time Students.

Noah Meltz Program of Financial Assistance
The Meltz Program helps undergraduate students in certificate, degree, or diploma programs, including students in the part-time bridging pathway, pursue their University of Toronto studies on a part-time basis.

Eligible students receive a non-repayable grant for their tuition costs of one credit and a set amount for books, transportation to and from classes and child-care costs.  Students can apply for a Meltz grant once during the September to April study period and once during the May to August study period.

Students are advised to apply for both OSAP for Part-Time Students and the Noah Meltz Program of Financial Assistance.  The Meltz application will be considered after their OSAP results are available.  Enrolment Services will review the two assessments to determine which program may be a better source of funding for the student (e.g., which program provides more total funding or which program provides more grant). Students may also be eligible for a top-up Meltz grant in addition to their OSAP for Part-Time Students depending on the amount of grant funding in their OSAP assessment.

UTM Bridging Pathway Scholarships

Scholarship eligibility and amounts for the Fall term is based on financial need. A UTM Bridging Pathway student’s first step is to apply for OSAP. If the student requires additional support, an Appeal for Financial Support can be made to the Manager, Pathways Programs.

Winter term scholarships will be determined based on Fall term final grades and distributed in January.

Fall Term Grade

Automatic Scholarship Amount for Winter Term







*Scholarship amounts are set for 2017-2018, subject to change for future cohorts